Electrical Insulation and Encapsulation

Fortafix produce a wide range of adhesives, coatings and encapsulation compounds where electrical insulation is required to perform at high temperatures. Applications include Halogen Lamp production, resistor coating, heating element housing and motor encapsulation.

Light, Medium & Heavy Grade

  • A water based Ceramic Adhesive paste.
  • Designed for coating, bonding, or jointing ceramics, metals, and quartz .
  • Excellent adhesive, thermal, electrical and mechanical properties.
  • Available in three viscosities – Light, Medium and Heavy Grades.
  • Operating temperature range: 850°C - 1250ºC.


  • 2 Part fast setting refractory cement/encapsulant.
  • Resistant to heat and mechanical shock.
  • Resistant to water, solvents and acid.
  • Temperature resistant to +1400°C.

2 Part Chemical Set

  • Chemical setting gives fast curing.
  • Rigid setting adhesive and potting agent.
  • Withstands temperature up to 1600°C.
  • Good chemical resistance.


  • Clear Liquid high temperature resistant adhesive / primer.
  • Used as an adhesive in light film applications or surface binder/primer.
  • Can also be used to reduce the viscosity of other Fortafix High Temperature adhesives.
  • Suitable for all inorganic substrates and forms a rigid glassy surface
  • Maximum continuous operating temperature of 800ºC.