Industrial Engineering

Products to seal, coat, bond, encapsulate and repair many materials in a wide range of process & maintenance applications. Suitable for temperatures up to 1600 deg C. Fortafix products are used in the petrochemical industry, power generation, chemical process and many other industrial applications. Our technical staff can assist in indentifying the ideal product or produce customer specific solution.

Autostic Range

  • Rigid Ceramic adhesive suitable for most inorganic materials.
  • Capable of continuous operating temperature in excess of 1000°C.
  • Supplied in a range of viscosities from thin liquid to heavy paste consistency.
  • Versatile high temperature engineering adhesive sealant.

Ceramix TC

  • Exceptional technical performance.
  • Formulated from high purity ceramic oxides.
  • Forms a strong and high temperature resistant ridged bond to 1250°C.
  • Non-combustible, fire resistant, non-fuming.
  • Available in Black or White.


  • Highly Elastomeric Adhesive or Sealant.
  • Withstands continuous temperature upto 350°C.
  • Supplied in 80ml & 300ml Cartridges.
  • Available in Black, White or Red.
  • HT Flexseal 300 (White) a FDA compliant 'food safe' adhesive sealant

2 Part Adhesive Cements

  • Chemical setting gives fast curing.
  • Rigid setting adhesive and potting agent.
  • Withstands temperature up to 1600°C
  • Good Chemical resistance.

Rocksett Threadlock

  • Water Based High Temperature thread-lock.
  • Form Rigid Thread Seal.
  • Withstand Temperature of 700°C.
  • Supplied in 50ml Bottle.


  • Clear Liquid high temperature resistant adhesive / primer.
  • Used as an adhesive in light film applications or surface binder/primer.
  • Can also be used to reduce the viscosity of other Fortafix High Temperature adhesives.
  • Suitable for all inorganic substrates and forms a rigid glassy surface
  • Maximum continuous operating temperature of 800ºC.


  • Pourable / Spray-able RTV Silicone to withstand 300°C.
  • Suitable for sealing and laminating.
  • Form Flexible Weather and Water resistant joint.
  • Available in Black or White

Adhesium 'Machine Mounting' Compound

  • Designed for semi-permanent mounting.
  • Suitable for medium and heavy machines.
  • Reduces installation time and absorbs vibration.
  • Water based adhesive mounting system.
  • Can be applied and removed without damage to floor slab integrity.
  • A maximum continuous operating temperature of >1000ºC

U529 NH

  • Specifically formulated to fix strain gauges to heat resistant steel.
  • Operates up to 750°C.
  • Matched to thermal expansion.